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Beautiful. Extravagant. And designed for action.

in the hands of the beholder.

Palace products are functional, heirloom-quality art. When they aren’t starting the party, they gracefully complement your living space.

A beautiful dining room table with chairs around it on wood floor. Above the table are two Maple Shot Skis hung horizontally on the wall

Bad photos worth keeping.

Sometimes, the photos that mean the most are a little blurry. The same goes for memories. PALACE is here to help you live them, make them, and share them.

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"This thing feels like quality. It's got weight to it. And every time I stare at it, I notice different details."

Michael P.

"The Shot Ski is absolutely gorgeous. And the way it snaps magnetically to the wall is brilliant."

Mel K.

"When I pull out my Saber, the whole room transforms. Suddenly everyone's staring and wants to see what's going to happen next."

Scott T.

"Sabering is surprisingly easy. I taught my 5'2" girlfriend to do it, and now it's the only way we open bubbly."

Mark R.

"I never thought my girlfriend would let me hang a Shot Ski in the living room, but here we are."

Joshua B.

"They loved their gift. I'm buying PALACE stuff for all my friends' special events in the future."

Lindsay R.

This time,
it’s personal.

Birthday? Wedding? Circumcision? Whatever you’re celebrating, we can engrave a message on your PALACE product. Or maybe you want your name and phone number on there, just in case. That’s cool. We won’t ask questions.

Flatlay of engraved walnut shot ski surrounded by messy drink glasses on a green curtain.