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The Ski Built for Après Ski

The Shot Ski is ready to make your party go downhill.

Okay, that came out wrong.

We mean downhill in a good way. As in, first tracks and fresh pow. As in, keeping warm with friends on those long winter nights.

Handcrafted from solid Ontario hardwood, the Shot Ski is perfectly proportioned and gorgeously grained. It looks like the ski all other skis were based on. Which is why it’s beautiful hanging on the wall of your living room, chalet, or backcountry tent.

But, attach the four magnetized shot glasses, and the Shot Ski is more than a ski. It’s a team sport.

Handcrafted in Canada

Each of our Shot Skis is handcrafted by an artisan woodworker at our workshop in Toronto.


Embedded neodymium magnets securely fasten to four shot glasses, and allow for seamless wall-mounting.


The Shot Ski is coated with a durable, waterproof, polyurethane finish. We designed it to be used.

Built for Four

Each Shot Ski is 71 inches long to spaciously accommodate up to four adults (or children).

Sustainably Harvested

We use only sustainably harvested FSC-certified Canadian hardwood — wood that meets the strictest environmental standards to protect our forests.

Everything Included

Our skis are packaged with magnetic shot glasses and wall-mounting hardware. Everything you need to get started.

Annotated image of a hand placing a full shot glass with a magnet on the bottom onto the end of a shot ski. Annotated image of a hand placing a full shot glass with a magnet on the bottom onto the end of a shot ski.
Smiling couple dressed up in Ski clothes at a party. The man is holding a maple Shot Ski over his shoulder.

Let’s blow
the roof off
this chalet.

With the Shot Ski, your evening soirée goes from bunny hill to black diamond run. And “Nice to meet you” becomes “We should do this more often.”

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Tip it back,
then hang it up.

Want a night to remember? Invite three friends to do shots off the most beautiful thing you own. Then put it back on display. Art meets function.

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A beautiful modern living room with two walnut Shot Skis hung diagonally above the fireplace
A suited man and seated woman posing with a Palace Shot Ski

When the Shot Ski comes out,
so do the cameras.

You've always wanted to know what it's like to be chased by paparazzi. Now's your chance. The Shot Ski makes your photos tabloid-worthy.

Stamp your

Shot Skis and their owners share a powerful bond. Make it official with a custom engraving: A name, a dedication, or your Social Security Number.

Engraved walnut shot ski lining in a mess of fancy glasses

Another reason to celebrate