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Shot Ski

Using magnets.
Included in the box with each Shot Ski is magnetic mounting hardware: four neodymium magnets with holes in the center, spacers, screws and drywall anchors. We also include easy-to-follow instructions (yes seriously. This isn't IKEA). All that's required for installation is a screwdriver and measuring tape.

1. Fill the four magnetic Shot Ski glasses with something that tastes great/awful

2. Attach the four glasses to the four dots on the ski

3. Assume your positions

4. Firmly grasp your Shot Ski with all eight hands

5. Are you even bothering to read these instructions? Good for you

6. Carefully raise your Shot Ski, bringing glasses into alignment with mouths

7. Send it

Using magnets. Our shot glasses have magnets on the bottom.

Yes, but only if you attach something magnetic to the bottom of your shot glasses. The simplest way is to glue iron washers, available at any hardware store, to the bottom of a shot glass. We recommend using plastic or acrylic shot glasses. Shattered glass isn't fun.

Like any piece of solid wood furniture, your Shot Ski requires some lovin'. That means:

- Store the Shot Ski in a climate-controlled environment. Excess humidity and extreme temperatures can cause the wood to warp. To avoid fading, store the Ski away from direct sunlight.

- After use, clean it with a soft, damp, cloth. To address a sticky spot, use a little bit of dish soap (be sure to wipe it away after with warm water).

Over time, the Shot Ski will start to show signs of wear (if it doesn't, you're doing it wrong). This is a natural part of the aging process. We appreciate the small mark on our Skis, as they each remind us of a different story.

Sustainably harvested Ontario Wood: the best, most environmentally friendly wood on the planet. Why? Ontario's forest management practices are world leading, ensuring that for every tree harvested, three more replace it. In addition, Ontario wood products require less energy than other materials to manufacture and generate less pollution and lower carbon emissions.

At our workshop in Toronto, Ontario.

We recommend handwashing to prolong the life of the glasses.
But have we run the glasses through the dishwasher before? Yes. And they've been fine.

Did you accidentally light them on fire or something? But yes. You can. Drop us a line at mischief@palace.one and we'll help you out.

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