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A Champagne Sabre that cuts through the noise.

What’s the correct, expert-approved method of opening a bottle of champagne? By decapitating it with a sabre, of course.

The French call this sabrage, which in English roughly translates to “knifey bubbles.” Napoleon Bonaparte invented sabrage. But he’s dead—so now it’s up to you. The Sabre is ready to get your party popping off.

The sabre is 22" long and weighs 3lbs.
The case is 25.5" long and 7.8" high.

Display Case Included

Included with every Sabre is a case milled from solid wood that complements and enhances the Sabre's beauty while on display.

Perfectly Balanced

Our Sabres are precisely weighted to make bottle popping effortless. We promise you can do it.

Stainless Steel Sculpture

It's not a knife. It's a stainless steel sculpture cast by pouring molten metal into a precision mold. Michelangelo would be envious.

Italian Design

Designed in Milan by our world-class design team with a distinctive modern silhouette and exceptional ergonomics.

Mirror Finish

To achieve its signature mirror finish, each Sabre is hand polished five times. Use it to find the lettuce stuck in your teeth.

Soft Edges

Our Sabres are not sharp. They work by force of impact using the natural pressure in the bottle. So you save money on bandaids.

A bottle being held by a hand striking the top with a sabre
A table covered in sliced champagne bottle tops with corks and a silver sabre layed out beside them.

It feels good,
so do it.

The Sabre has heft. It’s balanced. And it’s designed for fast, direct contact with the lip of a bottle. For that satisfying pop and inevitable round of applause.

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Pirates need
not apply.

Displaying an old-timey sabre makes you look like you cosplay as Jack Sparrow. Displaying the Palace Sabre shows you value beautiful art.

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Silver champagne sabre balanced horizontally on a leaning champagne bottle.
A table covered in sliced champagne bottle tops with corks and a silver sabre layed out beside them.

Not just memories,

The Sabre is designed to last, so you can pass it down to your grandkids. Along with all those crazy stories their parents ask you not to tell them.