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How to Make a DIY Shot Ski

At your last Apres-Ski party, you had a moment. You strapped shots to a ski, lined up with 4 friends, and took a shot in unison. But something else happened. You fell in love. With the Shot Ski. A ...

The Best Sparkling Wine for Sabrage

Most reviews of sparkling wine you've ever read, opine on the flavor. The scent. The mouthfeel. The heritage. Those reviews are important, yes. But this one is different. Here, we are focused on on...

Things You Can Take Shots Off Of

You're at a party. Drinks have been drank. Shots have been shot. In the midst of the thumping music and uproarious laughter around you, you pause. You find yourself gazing longingly at the bottom o...

The History of the Shot Ski

A Shot Ski is a ski with four shot glasses spread apart and attached to it, designed to enable friends to take shots in unison. When the Ski is tipped back, all of the glasses relinquish their cont...

How to Sabre Champagne, or any Sparkling Wine

Open a bottle of champagne (or any sparkling wine) the French way, with a sabre. Napoleon invented the art of sabrage, and he was only 5"2. So if he can do it, you can too.

How to Celebrate Your COVID Vaccine

Congratulations! You got your vaccine. The shot in the arm you've been waiting for. But now what? Here's what we're planning to do when our Vaccine day arrives.