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Don't worry Scott. We got you. We at Palace make one product you can take shots off. But it's certainly not the only thing. So we've carefully curated a list of the best items you can take shots off of, so you never feel sad and alone at a party again.

Ice Luge / Ice Sculpture

An ice luge is a sculpture made of ice with a small channel carved into it, designed for shot taking. Pour liquor into the top end of the channel, place your mouth at the other end, and get ready. The luge will chill the liquor on its way to your lips. The whole experience is quite refreshing.

Ice sculptures already make exceptional centerpieces. Carve a luge into it, and it becomes the star of the party.

Just make sure to put a tray underneath your sculpture. Otherwise, the ice will melt while you're asleep, and you'll wake up to a small flood (it was not a good morning...)

Oyster Shells

It's date night, and you've just ordered a dozen oysters to share with your partner. When you're done, take your champagne, pour it carefully into the empty shells. Drink. You'll never look at oysters the same way again.

And it's environmentally friendly too (do you know how much energy and water it takes to clean shot glasses?!)

shallow focus photography of oysters on bowl

Alcohol Bottle Caps

If you're desperate, it works.

A Water Gun

Technically, it's no longer a water gun when you're using it for shots, but you get the idea. Take a small squirt gun, fill it up with liquor and shoot it into your mouth. Or someone else's mouth. Or...

Anyway, we recommend using vodka. Otherwise, the gun gets sticky. And while it may seem like a good idea to use a Super Soaker, resist the urge. No one's body is made for that kind of volume. Be reasonable.


You've heard of the body shot. Some of you have done them. And if you have, you're probably laughing at the memories.

You'll need a partner, tequila, salt and a lime wedge. Pour salt on your partner's stomach, and put the lime wedge between their teeth. Start the shot by licking salt off your partner's stomach to prepare your palate. Then you take a shot, either from your partner's belly button region, or from a nearby shot glass. To complete the ceremony, bite the lime held in your partner's mouth

These two moms do a better job of explaining it than we ever could.

Shot Ski

Here at Palace, we make the best product you can take shots off. It's called a Shot Ski. You attach four shot glasses to a beautiful wooden ski. Four friends line up, tip the ski back, and drink their shots in unison. Check it out.

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